Sunday, November 13, 2011

Celebrate Success with the People Who Make it Possible: Your Customers

I attended two business anniversary celebrations in the last 24 hours.

The first celebration was the 6th anniversary of a retail store in Delmar, NY.  The owner, a kindred-spirit transplant from New York City, sent us customers several emails promoting the anniversary sale.  The store filled with her happy customers shortly after opening for the day,  who were and are clearly grateful for the haven she creates with her store and the equally kindred practitioners she sponsors in her space for the benefit of all.  She rewarded us with anniversary discounts.  In the spirit of the moment, I purchased a wall hanging:


It is literally true
that you can succeed best and quickest
by helping others to succeed

And at the same time succinctly articulated the vision of my professional practice.  Thanks, Anne.

I just returned from the 16th anniversary of another business:  a vibrant entrepreneur who took the risk 16 years ago to implement her vision in a mentorless wilderness to become a successful and well-respected independent financial planner.  Although I am not a customer, she graciously included me in the celebration, and I brought my friend Lisa as my guest.  There was delicious food and a lively band (also one of her customers!) for her roomful of happy customers.  I was grateful to bear witness to this scene of mutual celebration and success.

This week's best practice, as we enter this season of Thanksgiving:  create your own success celebration with your customer(s) and share it with your network, here or in person.  And let us know how you succeeded best and quickest by helping your customers to succeed.

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