Sunday, May 15, 2011

Show Up and Be Successful

Wonderful stories this week from my talented network of how showing up at in-person events and meetings produced successful results:
  • Recently Laid-Off Colleague #1 swallowed their discomfort in networking / prospecting and showed up at a professional breakfast meeting.  They consequently connected on two job leads and one consulting gig lead.  One of their leads was an email referral I had made for Laid-Off Colleague #1 the evening before to another network contact, who thanked me for the referral and reported a positive connection with Laid-Off Colleague #1 in a return email after the breakfast meeting.
  • Dear Colleague from last week's post had a second meeting with their new customer; and Dear Colleague is looking at the prospect of an even larger project engagement.
  • Recently Laid-Off Colleague #2 picked up not one but two job leads sitting at a dinner meeting, as we all playfully bantered at considering an impromptu auction comparing the compensation / benefits packages of the two hiring authorities at the table.
  • CEO Colleague spoke at a lunch meeting recruiting talent for her firm; Dear Colleague and Coaching Colleague, in attendance, responded to her offer.  This one is more fun than usual:  I treasure all 3, and they connected on their own because they all showed up.  I forwarded Dear Colleague and Coaching Colleague's LinkedIn profiles to CEO Colleague, completing the networking circle.
    • The Rensselaer County Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner at Franklin Plaza was an ingenuous myriad of activities designed to maximize the business interactions of the attendees with each other.   It was like Networking in Wonderland, with great food and great company.
    • And last but not least:  the intimate cocktail hour networking event Connector Colleague holds every quarter.  Connector Colleague brokered several introductions for mutual business benefit, and I was honored to be included.
    10 calls a day, 1 meeting a day:  my daddy's tried-and-true sales success formula.  Schedule your meetings for the next few weeks; turn off your computer; put on your best sales / interview suit; and show up for success.


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