Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stay SME Competent Through The Snakes and The Storms

One of the reasons I like Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark so much is that the good Professor Jones knows his stuff.  He has his faults and quirks:  he hates snakes, he has issues with his personal relationships, but he is a consummate subject-matter expert (SME).

Most importantly, Indiana Jones is the best kind of SME:  he is (almost) terminally curious and a life-long learner. And he's not afraid to take the risks to move his competence constantly forward.  Even though everywhere he goes there are inevitably snakes to spook him, he pushes through his phobia(s) to satisfy his curiosity.  His competence, consequently, is of the highest caliber.

Case in point:  his quick thinking and counsel to Marion to keep her eyes closed after observing the opening of the Lost Ark of the Covenant (with apologies for the quality of the clip):

Even as the Nazis scream, melt and vaporize around him, Professor Jones knows when to keep his curiosity in check and modulate it, in order to preserve his life and that of his equally formidable love interest, Marion.

How will you modulate your curiosity and phobias to support your commitment to build your SME competency, while successfully navigating your particular snakes and storms?  Keep your fedora on: it's always a bumpy yet rewarding ride.

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