Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stand Up For Everyone's Success

What did you do this past week to stand up for everyone's success, including yours?  I'm no success savant, by the way:  I just instinctively pay forward what fuels and multiplies my own success.  Here's my list from last week, not meant to be inclusive:
  • I coached two talented professionals to recognize and organize their own native talents, which resulted in job offers for each of them;
  • I joyfully helped a friend spread the word about her wonderful clothing art textiles; I offered to do the same for a new product recently launched by a local company who was our neighbor when The Best Framing Company had a bricks-and-mortar storefront, as a thank-you for a recent kindness granted;
  • I helped a nonprofit maintain their HR compliance; 
  • I counseled two small business owners on two very different tricky HR questions;
  • I helped a third professional with résumé wording, which in turn helped a fourth professional;
  • I referred a client to my friend and colleague Lisa Jordan;
  • I made the case to promote an extremely talented young fifth professional;
  • I celebrated the launch of a talented colleague's new small business as a vocational / centering complement to their current mundane "day" job;
  • I polished the CV of another colleague in support of better representing their business in the Tech Valley community.

What was on your success list last week?  Share it here with us.

Moreover:  can you claim at least one (1) weekly success list win, in support of our mutual success and prosperity? Small wins absolutely add up! We all have that discretionary power to stand up for each other, we talented professionals / entrepreneurs, firmly and resolutely for our respective / mutual success, which can absolutely build success momentum for all of us.  Think of it as success gone viral!
In this season of giving, I wish for all of you the gift of standing up for everyone's success:  the gift that keeps on giving.

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